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Tour of the village of Scanno

Wandering through the narrow streets, looking lost among the beauty of the country!

Did you know that Scanno is part of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy"? Among the most beautiful villages in Italy there are many Abruzzese representations, and among them the village of Scanno carves out a place of honor! Even, CNN, a prestigious U.S. broadcaster, has proposed Scanno, as one of the 20 most beautiful villages in Italy!
If you have not yet had a chance to visit the village of Scanno, well you must do so as soon as possible!

Scanno is nestled in the mountains, and at any season of the year it provides an atmospheric setting. In winter it resembles a small nativity scene, in summer it is an oasis of peace surrounded by greenery, and in autumn, with the mountains tinged with orange and brown, it almost looks like a painting. The village preserves intact the architecture and style of past centuries, with narrow, steep and characteristic alleys; walking among them is really an adventure as there are many activities you will be able to unearth: old artisan stores and ancient goldsmiths, old-fashioned grocery stores where you can buy and taste typical local products such as cheeses, cold cuts and sweets and why not, even with a good glass of wine.

Continuing to walk through its alleys, one can admire several noble palaces with their ornate portals, typical houses with traditional outdoor staircases, often adorned with vases of flowers, and also historic churches that give the town a strong religious attitude. 

But these are just some of the wonders of the "pearl of Abruzzo." We do not want to anticipate anything else, it is up to you to personally discover all the beauties of the pearl and visit the village of Scanno.

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