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Godi Pass

At an elevation of 1630 meters is Passo Godi, a pass that connects the upper Sangro with the Sagittario Valley; it was once a natural transit route for transhumant shepherds. Today it is a destination for ski and snow enthusiasts and nature lovers. 

A mountain environment that due to its geographic location and favorable climate is a healthy mix: nature and snow, sports and sunny vacations. Passo Godi belongs to the Scanno area, stretching between the mountains overlooking Villetta Barrea on one side and Scanno itself on the other, and is easily accessible from the village. In fact, the pass is only 15 minutes away and is an ideal place for beautiful nature walks.

There are many natural beauties around Passo Godi: forests, enchanting valleys, small rivers, wild animals in the wild and fantastic trails. There is also a monumental beech tree considered the largest tree in the Abruzzo National Park with 8 meters in diameter and 25 meters in height; this can be reached for those arriving from Scanno from the "Pontone" location. There are also numerous activities that can be done, from hiking to mountain biking, from mountaineering to Nordic walking.

Immerse yourself in the natural paradise of Passo Godi, a place that will remain in your heart and memories forever.

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