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Abruzzo National Park

A unique natural heritage!

The National Park of Abruzzo, Latium and Molise (PNALM) originally National Park of Abruzzo, is one of the oldest parks in Italy, established back in 1923 it extends mostly in the province of L'Aquila and to a lesser extent in the provinces of Frosinone and Isernia: it consists of a set of mountain ranges with altitudes between 850 and 2.200 m above sea level, and the mountains present a varied and interesting landscape in which rounded peaks, typical of the central Apennines, alternate with precipitous slopes with a typical alpine appearance. Its truly spectacular natural heritage, the lay of the land, the climate and the small villages that have sprung up in this area make the Abruzzo National Park an ideal destination all year round. Here, in fact, it is possible to practice various activities such as hiking, horseback riding, cycling, birdwatching but also cross-country skiing and alpine skiing in the various ski resorts present. 

The flora

The area, which has always been highly isolated due to its rugged and wild nature, has allowed the preservation of various plant species. The most striking aspect is the strong relevance of the forested expanse, such that the PNALM is defined as a "forest park." Beech forests constitute the most represented forest type in the park with 24,450 hectares corresponding to more than 85 percent of the forest area; in addition, there are a wide variety of typical species, such as oaks, mountain pine, mallow elk, sorb farinaccio and many others.

The fauna

Fauna more than flora is the image of the territory, also because of the relationships it has had and has, in the development of possible activities; the Marsican brown bear (symbol of the Park itself), the Apennine wolf, the golden eagle, the Abruzzo chamois, deer and roe deer are the main references of the wide faunal diversity. This has meant, that the protected area has long been declared of international interest for conservation purposes. While hiking around the park, with proper behavior while walking, it is possible to meet and observe many species of animals. It is less easy to meet wolves or bears, since they are shy animals unaccustomed to the presence of humans in their habitat.

Visit the National Park website.

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