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The Palaces of Scanno

The ancient buildings of the historic Scannesi families

The historic center is filled with architecturally interesting palaces, aristocratic, but also residences of wealthy bourgeoisie, buildings rich in signs of the town's urban culture. During your moments of relaxation, immersed in the walls and winding alleys of the village of Scanno, you will be able to appreciate its ornate historical facades and portals. Here we present some of the most prominent buildings!

Moscow Palace

Palazzo Mosca is located at the corner of Vincenzo Tanturri Street and Giuseppe Tanturri Street; the frontispiece faces the front of San Rocco Square (the Old Square). The decorations under the cornice, with cherubs and dancing seraphim, are characteristic, while the main facade is Baroque. Tradition has it that it originally belonged to the Di Salvo family, a family from Scanno who were barons of Castrovalva until 1623, but, the sprouting of the name Teopista, which you will find engraved on the lintel of a window on the side facade, suggests that the construction was due to the wealthy Scanno notary Donato Teopista. Following the extinction of the lineage, it was purchased by Dr. Gregorio Mosca of Pescocostanzo, hence the name of the palace.

Di Rienzo Palace

Palazzo Di Rienzo located on Via Silla, in feudal times it was the seat of the University of Scanno but its current appearance comes from renovations carried out in the 19th century by Francesco Di Rienzo. Built in neoclassical style, what strikes the visitor is the large, finely carved wooden doorway. The palace has 4 levels, 3 floors plus a mezzanine: the two highest floors have regular symmetrical balconies, seven on the highest floor and six on the penultimate. The interior consists of atriums and courtyards that are the result of various transformations over time, an inner garden, as well as numerous original furnishings from the 1800s. Keep an eye on the facade of the house fronting the palace: the openings (the front door, the central balcony, the two portholes, and the window) are distributed as if on a human face in mockery of the powerful Di Rienzo family! 😛

De Angelis Palace

Palazzo de Angelis located on Via Ciorla near the intersection with the alley bears the name of the baronial family that lived there. The palace today is for private residential use and is one of the major manifestations of the Baroque in Scanno; of fine workmanship are the decorations with the De Angelis coat of arms around the portal, it is also characterized inside with stucco and wooden decorations.

And still others...

Other palaces to visit are: the Casa Antonio Silla, located in Via Calata Sarracco, evidence of the great cultural richness of the town, with the impotent portal with a basement aimed at supporting the balcony above; also, Palazzo Serafini-Ciancarelli built between Piazza San Giovanni and Via Silla, the result of different arrangements that occurred over time; Casa Tanturri in Via De Angelis; and finally Palazzetto Nardillo in Via Porta Sant'Antonio.

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