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The Marsican Brown Bear

A rare sighting, but one of extraordinary beauty

TheMarsican brown bear, also known as the "Apennine brown," now numbers about 50 specimens in the Abruzzo National Park, and right in the areas surrounding the village of Scanno, walking in the beech forests and woods, with a little luck, you will have a chance to spot a few specimens!

"Bearwatching" has become a popular activity; being able to observe a bear in the wild is an experience that is hard to forget. Especially in the late summer months, thanks to the ripening of a berry that bears are very fond of, with proper care alongside experienced guides, you can hope to admire one. It is a shy animal that is afraid of humans and tends to run away when it sees or hears them, so you will have to be very, very quiet. 

The Marsican brown bear tends to be solitary and habitually tends to move at dusk and during the night. The animal has found its natural habitat in the mountainous areas of theCentral Apennines, characterized by the least human disturbance and the availability of sufficient trophic resources to sustain the population; the Abruzzo National Park guarantees the bear an absolutely wilderness environmental context!

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