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Stazzi Marathon

Two wheels, a thousand emotions and the endless green!
June 2, 2024

Impervious climbs, green expanses and steep slopes for a day are colored with the polychromy of the uniforms of daredevil bikers. The rays of hundreds of mountain bikes cleave the air as they ride along trails with breathtaking views, crossing ancient stazzi one after another in a tough and selective Marathon.

A gripping race culminating in the finish in Scanno, with the last ramps in the historic center. An extraordinary event not to be missed, meticulously organized by MTB Scanno with voluntary contributions from the Scanno citizenry.

The passion and will of those who organize and those who run ensures the repetition of an event that lives more with heart than with funds shaped in the image of MTB President Mario Adao and his close associates. This is the Marathon degli Stazzi, one of the outstanding events on the calendar of MTB Abruzzo Cup and the Paths of the Sun and Flavors. An adventure that began in 2003 and has steadily grown over the years to become one of the most attended and important events in the national "fat wheels" scene. Each year the event exceeds 600 registered bikers, demonstrating the great interest that revolves around the race!

Website: https://www.mtbscanno.it/

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Stazzi Marathon

Two wheels, a thousand emotions and the endless green!
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