The Mountain

In the heart of Abruzzo, the Montagna Grande, a little-known mountain range, acts as a watershed between the Abruzzo National Park and the Sagittario Gorges. Authentically framed is the mountainous area that falls within the Borgo di Scanno, at the center of Abruzzo's complex Apennine mountain system. This imposing mountain range is furrowed by wooded, deep and vertical valleys, and there are numerous peaks surrounding it: Mount Genzana (2,170 m a.s.l.) Mount Godi (2011 m a.s.l.), Mount Argatone (2201 m a.s.l.) and La Terratta (2208 m a.s.l.) the latter two close enough to link up with a varied and pleasant itinerary.

This wide mountain range is filled with ancient paths that lead through mysterious forests with twisted trunks and broad ridges, where the green of the high pastures mixes with a fascinating moonscape. The environmental context in which the adjacent mountain of the village of Scanno pours, firmly echoes the concept of "wilderness": nature is unspoiled and sometimes wild, in fact, the presence of man has not upset its balance!

The imposing mountain and nature landscape surrounding the town center offers a varied choice for tourists eager for outdoor experiences and sports activities: hiking excursion, e-bike trails, magnificent horseback riding, climbing and snowshoeing even at night!

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November 10, 2023

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December 30, 2023

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