The Path of the Heart

The climb is hard (not much really) but when you get to the top the view is fantastic

The Heart Trail is so named because of the fabulous vantage point that can be reached as you walk along the trail; from there you can enjoy the striking view of the heart-shaped lake

Are you ready to embark on one of Abruzzo's most popular tourist trails?

Let's go in order...

It is possible to enter the trail from two differently located points, one starting from the center of the village of Scanno, the other near the Lake.

The first is the shortest route: from the center of Scanno you have to reach "Via della Pineta," the street winds through four other streets, and on your left you will find a fountain and an explanatory poster about Sant'Egidio. Park nearby where you will find space if you have a car. You will need to enter the street at the top right, you will notice an iron handrail and a small sign that marks the beginning of the "Heart Path" street.

The second, on the other hand, is definitely a wilder and slightly more challenging route, leading to the viewpoint in about an hour. From the lake, just before the large pay parking lot, there is a sign to take the Heart Trail.

Both routes cross at the height of theHermitage of Sant'Egidio, from which it then continues to the belvedere overlooking the lake.

Tip: Equip yourself with sweatpants and comfortable shoes (preferably hiking shoes), the trail is suitable for everyone, but the section has a continuous climb, not strenuous, but steady. It is quite shady, however it is a case of carrying water with you to refresh yourself, especially in hot weather.

Arrived? Enjoy the spectacle, soak in the sounds, smells of nature, and take lots of photos of one of the unique scenic sights in the world!

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