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Lake Scanno

Italy's largest naturally dammed lake

In the Upper Sagittario Valley in Abruzzo, you will discover the largest natural basin in reason, nestled between two large limestone massifs, the Terratta complex and the Mount Genzana-Mount Greco group; originating from the damming of the Tasso River following a massive landslide detached from Mount Genzana in prehistoric times, Lake Scanno is located at an altitude of 922 meters above sea level, is 1722 meters long and 700 meters wide, with a depth of up to 32 meters. 

The absolute peculiarity of this natural paradise is the shape that has always fired the imagination of thousands of tourists: admired from the top of the adjacent mountain, which can be reached through "the Heart Trail" thanks to the perspective of the viewpoint, the lake takes the shape of a heart, leaving you spellbound by a breathtaking view!

A variety of activities you can enjoy near Lake Scanno: from moments of pure relaxation in the areas of the equipped beaches, to hiking trails, mountain-biking, canoeing, windsurfing, fishing activities and more.

Let yourself be carried away by nature, its colors and smells, the immense vegetation that circumscribes the lake: prepare to immerse yourself in a unique environment. Also fascinating are the legends and stories that are told about it. Spells, folk traditions but also strange phenomena happen in the waters of the mysterious Lake Scanno--are you ready to learn about them?

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