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The Glories of St. Martin

A glowing tradition!
November 10, 2024

Scanno has preserved over time peculiar and ancient customs that still maintain a very strong social relevance in the daily life of the population of the Abruzzese village: one in particular is the rite of the Glories of St. Martin

The winters here are quite harsh and the days are short and foggy from early autumn. Before entering the long winter hibernation, tradition dictates that, on the afternoon of November 10, the village and its citizens break the monotony and animate the streets. Scannesi belonging to three districts, the Plaja, San Martino and Cardella, gather on the three different hills around the town. 

Above these hills, the Glories of St. Martin, three very tall stacks made from logs and branches gathered in mountainous areas, are hoisted in the preceding days.

At dusk, with simultaneity, the Glories are set on fire giving rise to the fascinating deflagration amidst the amazement of the spectators.

On the day of the Glorie ritual it may happen, as happened with the 2019 edition, that the Deguscanno event also takes place. This allows the large number of tourists to enjoy the spectacular folkloric tradition of the Glories of St. Martin and the food and wine event in the town walls.




City of Scanno, The People of Glory


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The Glories of St. Martin

A glowing tradition!

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