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Horseback riding in the woods

Horseback riding tours for experts, beginners and children

Have you ever experienced the thrill of a horseback riding trip? A very popular and sought-after experience for tourists and visitors who come to visit the village of Scanno is precisely that of horseback riding in our woods. Being able to experience the thrill of a wonderful horseback ride in the woods, among the picturesque country and mountain trails is certainly a unique adventure. Children in particular will be thrilled to be able to ride on one of these beautiful animals, accompanied of course by experienced qualified guides. 

Numerous routes can be ridden among the beautiful scenery surrounding the country. Small rides and short sections, as well as longer, multi-day excursions that can be customized to your preferences and needs.

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22 Giugno 2024

Notte Romantica 2024

July 20, 2024

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Scanno Street Boulder

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“Pane e Pace” – De Rerum Natura

Il Pane come simbolo di unione sociale.
August 17, 2024

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When darkness makes a show...
November 09, 2024


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November 10, 2024

The Glories of St. Martin

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