POI Scanno

01 Luglio 2023
Trofeo Nazionale “Formula Uisp” le gare di pattinaggio artistico a rotelle.
24 Giugno 2023
La Notte Romantica nel Borgo magico di Scanno.
28 Luglio 2023
Gara europea di Off-Road.
17 Giugno 2023
Un'antica tradizione folkloristica densa di storia e cultura.
The magical colors of autumn! Suitable for everyone, recommended for families with children and teens.
06 Agosto 2023
Contest di Arrampicata nel borgo di Scanno
La tradizione gastronomica del borgo
A plunge into the past of more than two centuries.
A unique natural heritage!
One card many benefits
The rock with a lake view!
Horseback riding tours for experts, beginners and children
A new bike concept, suitable for everyone
December 16, 2021
Food stands, km0 products, craft markets with unique creations
Schedules, shifts and useful info to know
All roads lead to Scanno :)
Upper Sagittarius Tourist Operators Cooperative
04 Giugno 2023
Due ruote, mille emozioni ed il verde infinto!
November 10, 2023
A glowing tradition!
November 11, 2023
A mix of taste, culture and entertainment
December 30, 2023
An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park
The moonlight hike
Wandering through the narrow streets, looking lost among the beauty of the country!
Excursions for all tastes
July 22, 2023
The World Cross Triathlon Circuit
The climb is hard (not much really) but when you get to the top the view is fantastic
From simple buttons to fine jewelry
An ancient art, still present in Scannese culture
Dress as the hallmark of Scannese women
A rare sighting, but one of extraordinary beauty
Are you ready to fly through the trees?
The ancient buildings of the historic Scannesi families
Places of faith, tradition and culture in the village
Italy's largest naturally dammed lake