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Scanno: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Discover the beauty of our little corner of the earth!

Yes, our Scanno is included in the ranking of the 20 most beautiful villages in Italy!

Confirmation comes, no less, from one of the world's most watched news outlets, CNN.

As reported in this article, the influential U.S. broadcaster describes Scanno as a beautiful "rural paradise."

Words that fill with pride, most of all, we locals who see recognized, once again, the value and beauty of our little corner of the earth!

Some say that our Scanno looks a lot like a real nativity scene....

This is, above all, because of the ancient facades of the houses and their particular arrangement on the mountain.

Not to mention the churches full of mysteries yet to be unveiled and the pretty lanes within the village adorned with flowers of all kinds and a few ancient fountains here and there.

But the motive is not simply based on the aesthetic side, it extends to touching on the ancient traditions that, even today, air in everyday life.

Stroll through the village and see the old women wearing traditional costumes as they practice the art of lace making from the comfort of their seats on the bench under their homes.

Find yourself in front of ancient goldsmiths and admire the typical jewelry of the Scannese goldsmithing tradition.

Or, entering one of our churches and breathing in the air of pure culture gives the country a timeless beauty....

... the kind that takes you back to travel with your mind to those years long gone, but at the same time so close.

So what is it that makes this such a special hamlet and why should you visit?

Here are some good reasons:

Lake Scanno

Lake Scanno

Lake Scanno is undoubtedly the main reason why our small town manages to host such a large number of tourists every single year.

Its distinctive heart shape and veil of mystery have always led it to attract people from even the other side of the world.

In addition, as you will read in this article, our lake offers the opportunity to spend entire days of pure relaxation and fun.

This is because of the dozens of activities you can enjoy, both in company and solo, capable of providing unique and unforgettable moments.

Try it to believe it!

Ancient churches


As mentioned earlier, the ancient churches of Scanno constitute a large part of the cultural heritage of our people.

Mentioning a few we can find: the Church of Our Lady of the Lake, the Little Church of the Alpini, the Church of St. Rocco, or even the Church of St. Mary of the Valley.

Destinations for which tourists line up to appreciate their special beauty up close.

In fact, in addition to being among the most popular attractions, they are also among the most photographed.

Not surprisingly, photographers have always been looking for the best possible angles to capture them in shots ready to go around the world!

In this regard, I would also like to mention the Photographers' Street:

A street so named for its "strategic" location from which magnificent shots of ancient buildings and other peculiarities of Scanno can be taken.

(Also visit borgodeifotografi.it if you want to learn more).

The historic buildings of Scanno

palace of rienzo

This village is also characterized by the presence of ancient palaces historical that enhance, in no small part, our area.

Being able to admire them in person makes one feel like time travel....

You will literally be walking through the narrow streets of a real post-medieval village.

You will also get a sense of what the standard of living of the people who lived and still live within these walls might have been.

Finally, to end on a high note, here are some suggestions of the most notable palaces that are absolutely worth visiting: Palazzo Di Rienzo, Palazzo Mosca, and Palazzo De Angelis.


Oh yeah, as you can see there are really many reasons why you should take a break from everything and come and discover this amazing piece of land...

If I were you, I would book my next one right away vacanza👇🏻

Scanno is waiting for you!



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