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Scanno's best typical desserts

Savor the taste of Scanno

Yes, Scanno's typical sweets have earned a very important role in the culture of this small village, and I am not exaggerating when I say that they have made it nothing short of exquisite.

But of all these sweets, there are three in particular that attract much more attention than the others.

Do you want to meet them?

Let's go and find out about them:

The Bear Pan

bear's bread - typical sweets of scanno
Pan dell’Orso Di Masso ©

Curious name, don't you think?

There is a legend about this dessert that explains why it was so named.

It starts like this...

One day shepherds decided to drive their flocks to warmer lands because of the low temperatures in the area.

They had prepared their saddlebags by filling them with Pannelli: sweets made from almonds, honey and spelt.

The really interesting event, however, features a large bear that invaded their camp during the night.

The shepherds were terrified and feared for their lives, but the bear was only interested in the sweets they had inside the bags and once it found them it devoured them in no time.

From there on they took on the name we all know today, namely, "Bear's Bread".

Moreover, it is undoubtedly the most beloved dessert for both locals and tourists from all over the world.

Understandable given its delicious ingredients: fresh eggs, Italian flours, butter, Tahitian vanilla, almonds and honey from Abruzzo.

We now move on to the next one:

The mostaccioli of Scanno

mostaccioli - typical sweets of scanno
Mostaccioli Di Masso ©

After the Pan dell'Orso, Scanno's most beloved typical dessert is undoubtedly the mostacciolo.

It is so prevalent in the village that practically every bakery devotes part of its counter to them.

What distinguishes it from all other desserts is the presence of cooked must among its main ingredients (something no other typical product includes in its recipe).

But in addition to this, to prepare our delicious treat, there is a need to add flour, sugar, premium almonds and dark chocolate.

Scanno macaroons

macaroons - typical sweets of scanno
Amaretti Di Masso ©

Finally, to end our small list of the best typical desserts of Scanno, here are the macaroons.

In ancient times they were prepared for Carnival, but as time has passed they have become increasingly common at all times of the year.

Could it be that they are too good?

Well, certainly that is the main reason, but a significant other is that of its simplicity and speed of preparation.

In terms of ingredients, however, it requires: sugar, Italian flours, fresh eggs, butter and sweet bitter almonds.


If this topic has interested you then I also invite you to take a look at this article in which we tell you about the typical culinary products of Scanno.

But remember:

Getting to know our desserts is one thing, but coming to taste them in person is something else entirely!

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