However, when I try and type in a code (or even set one), several buttons, including the number 6, 7 and 8 do not work. Tested on a Smartthings to ensure that it is working properly. Most importantly, Kwikset SmartCode 913 features SmartKey re-key technology with bump guard protection. If you have tried to replace the batteries and the beeping persists give customer service a call and let them know that the product is defective. Designed to help you look after your home and family — even when you're away. About; Contact; How to Change Code on Kwikset Lock? Kwikset SmartCode 913 Installation Manual. For countries outside the U.S. and Canada, please visit our International contact page. The other stopped functioning a week in-it seems the brand new batteries have already died or the lock itself is now not working. Make sure switch #3 … this calls for a door realignment. This item is USED in good working condition. While pushing the programme button three times, take out the batter pack. Read More . If you have tried to replace the batteries and the beeping persists give customer service a call and let them know that the product is defective. If the door still won’t unlock, use a key to unlock the door. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links, Adding tools to your Keybar – great EDC tools to add to the collection, Yubico vs Feitian- which one has the best security protocal, Yubikey 4 vs Nitrokey U2F (FIDO) – social media security key, Yubikey 4 vs Trezor – keep your personal information safe, YubiKey 5 NFC vs HyperFIDO Titanium U2F – Cybersecurity, Yubikey neo vs HyperFIDO Titanium U2F Security Key – online security, Yubikey vs. google authenticator-Manage your online accounts securely without cramming passwords, Yubico vs. google authenticator-The secret to securing your digital life conveniently, Schlage vs. Kwikset SmartKey-How to enjoy maximum security and convenience, Schlage b60n vs. Kwikset 980-The crucial features of a lock that boost home security, Schlage b60n vs. b62n-Your precious items deserve maximum security. 1 A B About the Mastercode Enabling and Setting the Mastercode ©2018 Spectrum Brands, Inc. Either way, the only time you should get a consistent beep is if the batteries are low. All Rights Reserved. Le pêne dormant électronique SmartCode touchpad est un pêne dormant motorisé verrouillable à une touche. If they do not line up, it may explain why your keypad is not working. If you are living in a rental apartment, and working long hours or traveling out of town often, Kwikset SmartCode 913 is your best home security companion. For the past couple weeks though they keypad has been acting flaky. The alignment malfunction was the main cause of the keypad failure. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Kwikset SmartCode 913 Lock, Locks. Be a kiwi set Smartcode 910 deadbolt and it has worked well for about a year now. current product. Compare Similar Keyless Deadbolts. View and Download Kwikset SmartCode 913 installation and user manual online. How Does Kwikset Smart Key Work? If needed, restore the lock’s default settings. Kwikset electronic deadbolts from the smart code series should offer you an alternative to the basic key deadbolts. I have had it for several months but now it does not work as it should. $40.00. Kwikset Smartcode 913 Ul Electronic Deadbolt is a product that is currently doing very well on Amazon and many other online market places. Aside from that, I was able to use this information to fix other issues on my kwikset smartkey. $43.00. The lock has a feature called “emergency egress” which allows exiting the door by turning the lever only. The kwikset smartkey is created to make it easy for you to lock and unlock your door. 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt. There are a few types of electronic locks made by Kwikset. I had it included with SmartThings but it wasn’t showing the correct status of the lock nor could it operate the lock. Documents. This Kwikset Smartcode lock (Amazon Key Edition) works exclusively with Amazon Key. Make sure the lock is programmed with at least one User Code and that the User Codes are not disabled. Rayovac High Energy Alkaline AA/1.5 Volt Battery (10-Pack) (1266) $ 5 97 /package.